Cotswolds Electric Bike Day Tours

Enjoy a cycling day out with your guide, who will show you some beautiful scenic routes & sights of the Cotswolds. This tour is only for age 14+ and average duration is 10am-4pm. You will need to depart Oxford by 9am to meet the guide at a town in the Cotswolds which can be reached on public transport.

Our guided electric bike tours are a fun, active way to experience the natural beauty & learn about the history of the Cotswolds scenic region at a relaxed pace. The bikes 36 volt Khalkhoff electric motor takes the work off your muscles but you still need a fair level of fitness to participate. Routes on quieter lanes & the start meeting point will vary by day of week. Routes average 45km.

Note: if the calendar shows no availability, please call us on +44 (0) 2079 657 523 or email us to see what we can do for you.

Tour start point location is in the Cotswolds and location varies by day of the week. Details & timetable will be sent, when booking is received.
Daily 10am-4pm Tour duration with lunch stop included at a pub or restaurant. NB cost of meal + cost of public transport from Oxford to meet guide is not included.
Tour from 10am-4pm but you will need to depart Oxford by 9am on public transport to get to location of the guide for tour meeting point.
  • £100 per person (participants must be age 14+). Minimum 2 persons required to make instant bookings. If booking for only 1 person, call us to check if available.
  • Private groups may be booked at other times by advance request.
  • Small groups guaranteed- average group size under 5 persons

Khalkhoff Electric Bike